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[Corel Technology Partner logo] Drafting documents isn't as simple as it used to be.
Today's computers offer powerful tools to save
word processing time and increase office work flow.
microCounsel offers proven services to boost law office productivity with WordPerfect:
Training will help your staff achieve a higher level of productivity and morale.
Macros and Templates will speed-up, simplify, and standardize your forms and tasks.
We also offer planning and consulting to help you optimize WordPerfect, improve work
flow, use advanced tools, and convert from one program or version to another.
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[Kendall Callas, WordPerfect trainer/consultant] Live WordPerfect Support by Kendall Callas

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Clear, step-by-step advice from an experienced trainer/programmer about forms, macros and templates, Address Book, paragraph numbering, QuickWords, buttons, menus, tables, pleading footers, ToC/ToA ... All your questions answered now. You set the pace and content.

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  • Work Faster with ALT and CTRL
  • Mousing with Reveal Codes

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Macros to boost office productivity:

WordPerfect programming — Speed-up, simplify, standardize!

Macro/merge/template automation saves time, reduces errors, and improves workflow.
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The microCounsel WordPerfect Library:

Hundreds of tips and strategies from a Corel Certified Instructor based on 35 years of experience with over 300 clients.
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Free keyboard template! Free WordPerfect for Windows keyboard template!

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WordPerfect User Group:

The BASF WordPerfect User Group, which met every other month in the downtown offices of the San Francisco Bar Association, has been discontinued. We offer our thanks to Alvin Buchignani, leader of the group for over twenty years, whose recent death has saddened us all.

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